Best Diagnostic Centre in Congo-Kinshasa: HJ Hospitals

As a leader in healthcare, HJ Hospitals, Kinshasa (DRC Congo) simplifies the way to better health through patient-definite diagnostic data.

Molecular Biology provides an understanding of a patient’s biological composition on structure and function of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids essential to life. Discovering the genetic variants of a patient can help determine his/her tendency to disease and potential responses to a beneficial treatment alternative.

While the experienced team at HJ Hospitals, Kinshasa (DRC Congo) stays abreast of latest advancements in molecular biology testing, the physicians continually incorporate the latest upgrades in medical science and technology into their current programs of expertise in pathology, disease diagnosis and management. The focus on personalised medicine guarantees detailed, patient-specific, diagnostic information that promotes effective decision making and improved patient care at reduced costs.


Often, many patients and their families choose to receive medical care in the comfort of home. This is where Care at Homes steps in. It's a new branch of care giving service developed by us to ensure that each patient receives right care even after going home. We have an exceptional team of care givers including nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, etc. who will take care of the patient at home.

  • Specialized Nursing Service
  • Skilled nursing in Chronic Illnesses
  • Caregiver Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Medical Equipment For Rental / Sale
  • Medicine - Free Delivery at Home
  • Vaccination at home (adult / pediatric)