Intensive Care

Intensive Care

The intensive care unit is one of the most unnerving areas in a hospital, most of the patients are extremely sick and need constant, close monitoring and support from the staff, Equipment and medication to keep normal body functions going.

In acute illness condition or other critically ill patients condition people with threatened or established organ failure are treated to try to either prevent that from occurring, or if already present alleviate/treat it, to do so many vital functions are monitored, often by invasive monitoring, we are very dependent or lots of machinery to help/replace dysfunctioning organs e.g. mechanical ventilation, ultra(dia-)filtration as kidney replacement therapy, shock treatment by infusing lots of fluids and infusing adrenalin like substances we call "pressure amines", some are given total parenteral (via the i.v. route) nutrition.

What is essentially done is trying to keep the patient alive. Buying the patient time while the underlying disease is treated trying to cure the disease that caused the catastrophic derangement which ICU admittance necessary for the patient. Where ideally stabilization starts in the field by stopping the hemorrhage, infusing lots of fluid, securing the airways, and then getting the patient to the Emergency Department or in some cases directly to an Observation Room, after care is done on an ICU.

HJ Hospitals - ICU clinician’s team ensures less infection & complication with fastest recovery of critical care patient.

ICU set up @ HJ Hospitals . . .

Fully equipped with trained nursing staff and intensive care team as below mentions,.

  • Breathing machines or ventilators
  • Kidney machines (Dialysis Machine)
  • Monitors (Multi parameters) – ECG, O2 level, BP, CVP, Temperature, Heart beats, etc
  • Portable Ultrasound (USG) & X – Ray machine
  • Multi-functional electronic bed with air, water mattresses
  • Infusion Pump & Syringe Pump
  • Minor – Major procedure trolley
  • Lifesaving medication tray
  • Central line oxygen supply and suction tube
  • Defibrillator
  • Pulsoximeter
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Uterine Aspiration Set
  • CSSD supply
  • DVT therapy device
  • Infection control prorocols

We Care and Cure @ HJ Hospital ICCU / SICU / MICU / HDU

  • Multi organ failure
  • Post trauma critical condition
  • Anemia due to excessive bleeding
  • Respiratory (Lung) Failure
  • Post-Operative Intensive care
  • Stroke management
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Ruptured Brain Aneurysm
  • Sepsis