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    Dr. Benzarti Med Zied Dr. Benzarti Med Zied Surgeon oncologist Book An Appointment


    Doctor of medicine

    Diploma of specialist in oncologic surgery

    CEC Master Breast diseases

    Clinical Interests

    Cancer screening and monitoring

    Cancer awareness

    Surgery and disease of breast

    Surgery of benign tumors

    Surgery for breast, gynecological and skin cancers



    Dr. BENZARTI is a surgeon oncologist having licensed to practice in HJ Hospitals, Kinshasa, DRC. He has been working with institute Salah Azaeiz of oncology in Tunisia. After, he has been working in private sector in Tunisia. Now he is HOD of Oncologic Surgery Dept. of HJ Hospitals, DRC.

    Work Experience

    Dr. BENZARTI is having vast experience of more than 7 years in Breast cancer, gynecological cancer and skin cancer.

    Current Association

    Dr. BENZARTI has attended many conferences on Topics like; Breast cancer, oncologic surgery, gynecological cancer, skin cancer.